March 11, 2010

How i got to now, then, now.

So where and how did it all begin?

My first foray into EVE was short lived and lasted not long beyond the first subscription cycle. I was lacking the interest and also lacking the need to get into another game. EVE was shelved and not spared a second thought for years.

What brought me back? No idea.

What has kept me playing? Out of game skilling and the sheer enormity of the game, being able to do vastly different things also keeps it interesting.

Currently I play with 2 accounts although I find myself using the second account much less than I used to. The original plan behind the second account was to having him mining and hauling full time, he was to stay in high sec building the ships I needed cheaply all while making oodles of easy ISK - that turned out too be too much work. The second account is now a full-time support character for my main in a logistics/interdictor role or a force multiplier for small combat ops, one more drake can make all the difference!

The corp I am currently in is SPORE who are part of the COW alliance, due to my primary Aussie time zone I dont see much of the alliance but the lads within SPORE are all top notch. Being in a PVP corp is always fun, had a fair few losses because I am a bit of a nub and skipped learning pvp until I was skilled up enough to fly expensive ships!

The next few posts I will cover off some further details about my characters, my favourite ships and fittings, along with skill planning info.

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