About Rantuket

Rantuket is a Caldari pilot who specialises in ECM, and is skilled to fly Caldari and Gallente ships.

I have an alt Ishtom, who is skilled up as a miner, hauler, logistics and interdictor pilot - but he rarely gets let out of the cage as dual boxing is not my cup of tea all the time.  I do enjoy seeing the industrial side of EVE though and having a dedicated hauler/logistics/interdictor pilot is damn handy.

With the short amount of play time I allocate I try to get the most out of every hour within EVE with PVP being my love child and the corp banter to fill in any lulls in the action.  The corporation I am in is top notch and there is a good mix of pilots but for the most part it is PVP orientated.

This blog was started as something for me to track my progress through the game and to be a part of the EVE community even when I am away from the game.