August 05, 2010

Joining the CK blog roll

I feel like I just received an Internet medal! Joining 51 other people on the CrazyKinux blog pack, which is also featured on the iphone application: Capsuleer, is pretty cool.  The blog pack started me off in the EVE community, with great sites like the Rifter Drifter fueling the desire to add something of my own to the realm of EVE stuff.

For the new comers to my blog, I have written a menial slathering of posts on general subjects with the one crown jewel so far being the ECM guide.  Part 5 is soon to be released and it will focus on the Scorpion and a recap of all the parts published so far, within a few weeks I will see it put into a refined PDF for easier reading.

EVE stuff is happening more for me at the moment and just having moved alliances I hope to have a bit more of a focus on engagements, emerging fleet tactics and further instructional guides on ships that I fly on here.

Welcome to the other members of the pack too:

Ardent Defender
Tiger Ears
Cogito Ergo Yarr
Venoms Bite
Faction Warfare Military Career Center

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