August 19, 2010

CCP tells us about EVE and the battle against lag

Three blogs in very quick succession mark one of the pushes from the CSM for more communication from CCP about what they are doing and how they are exactly doing it.  The last CSM minutes can be found here and are a good indication of what CCP are reacting to and how they look at the items of importance raised by the players and brought forward by our representatives, eve-o forum follow up on the published minutes.

Fixing Lag: fostering meaningful human interaction, through testing and communication.

The Long Lag

Fixing Lag: and I, for one, welcome our new automaton overlords

If you have had any lag issues they are worth the few minutes to read through but it boils down to; CCP are working on fixing stuff server side but it all takes time.  After the recent CSM meeting instead of just plugging away at their tasks the devs are letting us in on the jobs they all do so we are in the loop and hopefully part of the solution (SISI mass testing).

SISI client changes are in the pipeline too which is very exciting, a single executable that copies your existing game files then grabs the relevant updates and lets you log straight on.  Hopefully that will see more things being mass tested before going live which should result in less buggy code going live and better overview of game changing features which might help prevent things like the NPC goods calamity.

Does the increase in communication make you feel better about the future of CSM within CCP or does the 18 month wait for anything beyond incarna/DUST integration negate any good intentions displayed from CCP?

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  1. Nice blog, glad you're on the 'roll!
    As for the two questions...
    More communication is great, but I'll probably bail from EVE (again) until they address the core problems
    DUST has great potential, but the FPS market is oversaturated (to say the least) so it's doubtful that many people are going to get into it as much as would be needed to make a REAL impact on EVE
    Incarna is and always has been something which just feels like "fluff" to me, and (unless you're on a porn set) fluffing is never appreciated ;-)