July 26, 2010

Character development

6 million Skill Points later on from the last report and I am just around the corner from flying a Thanatos.  Getting into a Carrier has been one of my long term objectives but nothing that I specifically trained towards until only a few weeks ago.

Picking up over a million skill points recently in drone related skills I will be able to use Fighters proficiently but not perfectly, training those skills to level 5 can wait until I am in a Super Carrier. 
I am currently pumping out Long Range Targeting to 5 so that I can jump into Logistics ships to be a general handy fleet participant, everyone loves a healer!  It will also be great for everything else that I fly so the 9 day training time is justified.  Having Cruiser 5 for Gallente and Caldari gives me the ability to do armor and shield logistics, with the armor HAC gangs that are popular right now it will be something new to try out.

The plan for the future is spread across 3 months, with plan one having roughly 60 days of carrier related skills to make sure I am well equipped to fly the Thanatos, field a wing of Fighters and be able to jump a reasonable distance by training up my navigation skills.

Plan two consists of getting into Interdictors and Heavy Interdictors, another support role but something that is always handy for any corp roams that comes along.  

So with 95 days planned I think that will be enough before I find something else that I MUST TRAIN FOR IMMEDIATELY!

Current EVEMon status looks a little like this:

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