April 28, 2010

New comment system

Looking to the future for my blog I have installed the Intense Debate commenting plugin as it seems to be the comment system of choice for many other EVE bloggers out there.  The change was spurred on by someone having issues with leaving a comment on the blogger integrated system, the comments must flow!

Go to IntenseDebate

There are several benefits over the standard blogger commenting system as it lets users log in with a wider variety of accounts, twitter included and also allows readers to keep track of comments so it is easier for them to come back to articles of interest and that helps build a community rapport.

I will go through my previous blog posts and restrospectivly enable intensedebate on all the pages, that should keep most of the comments on the site hopefully...

UPDATE: Seems like my old template would not play nicely with intensedebate and broke a few other things, taking it off for a few days while I sort out a permanent fix.


  1. Sorry to hear you had troubles as well. Hopefully you can get those sorted without to much damage.